My First Blog, EVER!

I’m not sure if anyone will ever read this but…..

I’ve decided that i have an addictive personality and the first step is to admit my problem, but i also want to share my problem.

It doesn’t really harm me, i’m not addicted to drugs or alcohol, just new hobbies!

Heres a few just from the last few years… skateboarding, photography, golf, car shows, scooters, car speakers, computers, gaming, bmxing, trainers, gym, diet, exercise, running, snooker cues, tennis, box sets, vaping! lots more which i will add when i remember!

I get into something new, i get addicted to the hobby, i research everything, it takes over my thoughts, i daydream about it, i build it up in my mind and try become as knowledgeable about it as i can, i join forums, i buy things i dont need, i neglect everything else in my life, then i get bored or something new takes over and i leave it half finished and move onto the next thing.

Most of the time it is the planning and researching that is the fun bit, but when it comes to actually taking part in the hobby i get bored or realise that its not actually for me (too late, i’ve already invested £££’s!)

Take golf for example, i have never played golf seriously, then all of a sudden i decided it would be a great hobby to take up, i joined a forum, i researched clubs and techniques, i bought shoes, a golf bag, clubs, balls, tees, a glove, all of which had to be value for money. this was all over the course of a few weeks. I played a few rounds of golf and dropped it all as quickly as i picked it up! Then follows the guilt and the down after the high, i’ve done it again, all that wasted time and money! anxiety, depression!

You can rinse and repeat this for pretty much every new hobby listed above.

Its the excitement of something new! i can feel it now as i write this. My mind gets flooded, its like tunnel vision and everything else around me gets blurred out!

Its quite funny really… even my family have a laugh about it when i start on something new, “here he goes again”, “what is it this time?”

Perhaps i should document my next phase, although i’m currently mid computer gaming/set up hobby 😀 and now a blogger too!

Anyway i’m bored so i’ll leave it there for today!….. FOOOOORE!!!!!

silhouette of man playing golf during sunset
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